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Wodonga Abattoir


Late 2013 Wodonga Rendering sought expert advice on how to upgrade our cooking facility and over the course of early 2014 engaged AS Thai Works to provide us with a blueprint of a state of the art rendering cooking facility that will satisfy our objectives of environmental and energy conservation.

Two new state of the art continuous cookers with fully automated control will be installed to replace the current two continuous cookers and five batch cookers.

Rendering Upgrade Timeline:

August 2014 New Tallow processing area Completed
September 2014 New Meal processing area Completed
October 2014 Commission new decantor Completed
February 2015 Install Cake Bin and Surge Bin Completed
February 2015 Pour foundation for new cookers Completed
March 2015 Commission new cookers Line 1 Completed
March 2015 Install and commission new presses Completed 
April 2015 Install new ducting and suction blower Completed 
April 2015 New Fine Crushers and Surge Bin Completed 

July 2015

August 2015

Replace Bio Filler medium

Replace Bio Filler medium

Bed 1 Completed 

Bed 2 Completed