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Animal Welfare

Wodonga Abattoir

Animal Welfare

The Wodonga Abattoir site is committed to animal welfare. Procedures have been implemented to ensure all Australian Codes of Practice for the Welfare of Animals are met, at a minimum. These procedures provide instructions and guidelines for the humane handling of animals which safeguard any stock at this establishment.

To ensure that these minimum requirements are met at all times, all stockyard employees and any other individuals present on this site must adhere to the instructions written into the Wodonga Abattoir Quality System Manual. This includes procedures relating to:

  • Design, construction and maintenance or all ramps, holding pens and races
  • Stock receival and handling
  • Unloading procedures for all stock
  • Moving and drafting stock
  • Availability of food and water
  • Surveillance during holding periods
  • Handling procedures for escaped animals
  • Correct stunning procedures

All stockyard employees are trained in these correct procedures and are monitored to ensure company policy is being met.

Additionally, any livestock presented for slaughter at this site is sourced from holdings where the management of animals is not jeopardised and the resulting product can be wholesome meat and meat products