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Wodonga Abattoir


The Wodonga Abattoirs success relies on the ongoing positive culture of the site.

We are a gender neutral, multicultural environment who promotes diversity across all areas of the site.

It prides itself on being a supportive workplace providing the opportunity for employees to participate in programs and training.

The positive culture allows for employees across all departments to reach for and sustain success with the company principle to promote from within.

Areas of promotion can extend to a variety of different branches including:

  • Quality Assurance through to being a Qualified Meat Inspector as an AQIS Authorised Officer.
  • Boning or Slaughterman skills
  • The Administration stream including areas such as Livestock Sales.
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Export Marketing and Logistics
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • IT

This great culture on the site is maintained by the “Core Concept”, for which we are a unique and successful industry leader. This concept provides real outcomes such as job security, market access, low workcover premiums, low staff turnover and high yields.

Unless stated to the contrary within any agreement, provision for leave is included in all normal rates of pay for all staff. The amount accrued will be dependant on hours worked. This is also true for our Public Holiday accrual for all daily hire staff. This means when employees do not work on a public holiday, the payment is paid from your accrual.

Approximately 20% of the workforce is elected, via a consultative process, as Core employees. These employees are representational of the culture we pride ourselves on. As a process of maintaining the Integrity of our system. They are reviewed annually and are measured on demonstrating their ongoing contribution to the Core Concept.