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Commitment to Quality


Wodonga Abattoir is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable workplace for all our employees. Our commitment to quality assurance and the implementation of the highest food safety control measures guarantees the safest and most reliable meat products.

Animal Welfare

The Wodonga Abattoir site is committed to animal welfare. Procedures have been implemented to ensure all Australian Codes of Practice for the Welfare of Animals are met, at a minimum.


The Wodonga Abattoir manages the site to minimise adverse impacts on the environment and does so in such a manner, that an acceptable level of environmental performance is consistently achieved.


The safety, health and well-being of all employees is of utmost importance to the Wodonga Abattoir and accordingly we give such matters the highest priority.


The Wodonga Abattoir Quality Assurance department is responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance is maintained for areas including Meat Safety, OH&S, Environmental Safety and Industrial Relations.


The Wodonga Abattoirs success relies on the ongoing positive culture of the site. We are a gender neutral, multicultural environment who promotes diversity across all areas of the site.


All the departments at the Wodonga Abattoir site work cohesively to ensure the production of safe and wholesome meat and meat products.


Over the years that the Abattoir has been in operation, the site has seen the introduction of new innovative measures to assist with obtaining the desired outcomes relating to Food Safety, OH&S Objectives and increased Production requirements.

Food Safety

The Wodonga Abattoir is committed to the production of goods that conform to all of the specifications required by the Australian Government relating to the production, manufacturing and handling of food.


Late 2013 Wodonga Rendering sought expert advice on how to upgrade our cooking facility and over the course of early 2014 engaged AS Thai Works to provide us with a blueprint of a state of the art rendering cooking facility that will satisfy our objectives of environmental and energy conservation.


We are always looking for potential employees both skilled and unskilled. Wodonga Abattoir provides outstanding opportunities to build a rewarding career.