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Wodonga Abattoir


The safety, health and well-being of all employees is of utmost importance to the Wodonga Abattoir and accordingly we give such matters the highest priority.

We commit ourselves to take all reasonable steps to eliminate risks and, where total risk elimination is not practical or possible, we provide appropriate training, signage, protective clothing, guarding and/or other practical methods of risk management.

Supervision is maintained at all levels to assist in accident prevention and hazard identification. All employees are also responsible for ensuring that they work safely and in accordance with training, safety procedures and requirements and that they observe all signs and maintain good housekeeping practices.

The name of the site Safety Officer and members of the Safety Committee are on display on the notice board and all employees are encouraged to utilise the committee and their supervisor to ensure ongoing safety practices are being followed and innovative ideas which will provide improvements to the health and Safety of our employees are investigated.

Our main focus is on injury prevention and we have implemented numerous programs to assist with this including the introduction of regular exercises, prior to commencing work, a rotation based program for employees working in production areas and a onsite masseuse that is made available to our employees for free on a twice weekly basis.

If an Injury has occurred, the Wodonga Abattoir has a very proactive approach to injury management and Return to Work programs, we maintain a close relationship with our preferred local medical practioner, and support the worker to ensure a successful return to the workplace occurs as soon as is practicable. We conduct Accident / Incident investigations as a priority to recognise and implement any changes that may be required to prevent further occurrences a the worksite.