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Wodonga Abattoir


The Wodonga Abattoir manages the site to minimise adverse impacts on the environment and does so in such a manner, that an acceptable level of environmental performance is consistently achieved.

Part of our success with environmental due diligence is the integration of the care for the environment into the responsibilities and work ethics of each and every employee who works on the site. 

This is carried out by having an environmental requirement written into all standard operating procedures and work instructions on the site.

Consistent with our Environmental policy, the following objectives are in place:

  • Compliance with all Environmental laws, as a minimum requirement 
  • A commitment to pollution prevention through a process of ongoing monitoring and continual improvement.
  • Protection of the environment, and in particular, preservation of soil, surface waters, ground water and air quality.
  • Adherence to the all the principles and requirements outlined in our Environmental Management Plan. 

In order to meet these objectives a variety of implementations have occurred including:

  • Biofilter monitoring
  • Air emissions monitoring
  • Water usage
  • Stormwater management
  • Waste management and minimisation
  • An incident reporting structure
  • Incident Contingency Plans
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Storage and Control of Chemical Use
  • Employee Training
  • Procedural Review and Document Control

Wodonga Abattoir discusses Environmental factors during regular meetings and openly encourages discussion and innovative ideas, in order to show continual improvement in our Environmental performance.

For further information you can contact our Environmental Officer on (02) 6024 1077 or email: [email protected]

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